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Don’t you just feel bad when your garage door gets stuck midway during the opening or closing? The worst is when you’re already getting late for an important meeting. Now there can be plenty of reasons why your garage door is stuck in an odd way, but one of the common problems we all experience is a broken garage door spring. Are you having a bad day with opening or closing your garage door? Is it stuck in an awkward position? You certainly don’t want to leave it open for intruders to enter, now do you?

Call Canada Garage Door now for complete spring repair service anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

Why It’s About Time to Change Your Garage Door Springs?

Garage door springs play a significant role in opening and closing your garage doors efficiently without causing any problem. Just like any other part of a garage door, springs tend to wear-out and become damaged over an extended period of usage. An average garage door spring has a life-span not more than seven to nine years. However, if you open and close your garage door on a regular basis, then the life-span can easily decrease. It’s why we advise that you get your garage door springs checked by a professional around every couple of years. Are you located somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada? Let our garage door repair experts perform a check to ensure your garage door springs are working optimally.

Problems with Different Garage Door Springs

Common problems may occur with garage door springs include two types of springs.

Torsion Spring Problems.

Extension Spring Problems.

Torsion springs are located just above the garage door while extension springs are located above the upper track and are present on both sides of the door. Extension springs also have a safety cable running along the spring just in case if a spring snaps, the safety cables can hold the garage door from falling.

 Common problems which both the springs can encounter are:

Wear & tear due to excessive use.

Rust build-up over the course of time.

Low performance due to excessive use

Spring out-of-balance issue

Spring snapping due to increased tension.

Spring brackets under a lot of pressure.

If you see any of the springs on your garage door underperforming (for instance, torsion spring losing its power to hold the garage door in place, or rust deposit accumulating on torsion or extension springs), these will be the evident signs your garage door is about to stop working anytime. Don’t take the risk of waiting until the spring breaks, call Canada Garage Door for spring repair anywhere in GTA.

How to Know the Problem with Your Garage Door is Spring Related?

There are some evident signs which indicate the problem with your garage door is because of a spring.

Why Hire a Professional to Change Your Garage Door Spring?

While YouTube is full of DIY videos which can educate you on how garage door springs can easily be changed, it’s not always the best choice to refer to it because,

On the contrary, when you hire a garage door professional to help you sort your garage spring problems,

You get,

Let our expert do a profound garage door spring repair job for you so you don’t have to think twice .

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My husband called this company to get our 2 car garage fixed. They came, saw the damage, gave us a quick quote, and within an hour our garage door was fixed. truly went above and beyond and was very professional. Definitely recommend! Garage door finally opens!

Patty V.

Satisfied Customer

I called Canada Garage door repair to come out and replace my springs on the garage door. They came out early the next day and within the hour the springs were replaced and another task was off my list. very professional and also gave me information on replacing the garage door on another house of mine.

Sue G.

Satisfied Customer

Garage door was loud and not working correctly. They came out, found the issue and installed new garage door opener and fixed parts on garage that were worn out. Very professional and great attitude! New garage door opener is quieter and door slides down smoothly.

Patty V.

Satisfied Customer

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