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What is a Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers are devices with motors normally used to make the garage door function. It helps in opening and closing the garage door. These motorized devices are controlled using switches installed inside or outside the garage or a remote control. Garage door openers automate the functioning of your garage door enhancing the user’s experience. Automatic garage door openers have multiple benefits. It cuts down your manual labor to open or close garage doors. You can safely sit in your vehicle and use a remote control to access your garage doors. Or simply push a button before entering your home after parking your vehicle to close it. Garage door openers can manually be overridden in case of malfunction so they are quite the handy tool for your garage. Has your garage door opener stopped working?

A Variety of Different Type of Garage Door Openers

No matter what type of garage door you have at your premises, we can provide you with a variety of garage door opener installation options. You can either choose to install them or if you already have one of these installed and they are creating a somewhat problem, then we can easily repair them for you.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

These opener types use a metal chain to open the garage door and are the most common type of garage door openers. If you want them installed or fixed, then our technicians can help you do that in GTA

Screw Driven Garage Door Openers

These opener types have a lifting device which runs on a threaded steel rod. While they are sturdy & reliable they make a bit of a noise during opening & closing. We can provide installation & repairs for them

Belt Driven Garage Door Openers

These opener types work similarly as the chain drive garage door openers. They are not just soundless but are also very reliable. However, they are a bit expensive compared to chain drive garage door openers.

Direct Drive Garage Door Openers

The motor of these garage door openers are installed inside a trolley whereas the motor uses a gear wheel to guide the trolley on a fixed chain. Our experts can fix the trolley & replace the chain when needed..

Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

These garage door openers are mounted on either side of the torsion belts of the garage door. At Canada Garage Door, we can also provide installation & repairs for these opener types.

Additional Features for Your Garage Door & Openers

Modern day garage doors come with additional features which allow you to customize your garage door as per your preference. Here are some additional features which you can get for your doors.

Backup Power

Modern day garage door designs come with backup power systems which enable you to use them even if there’s a power failure in your home.


The timer feature allows the door to automatically shut on a preset time for instance after 5 minutes or 10 minutes. You can manually set it yourself.

Automatic Lights

Certain garage doors turn on the lights in your garage area when automatically opening up. It saves you the hassle of running around the dark after parking.

Why Hire a Professional Installer

for Your Garage Door Opener?

While it is possible to watch a few DIY videos on YouTube and consider installing the garage door opener yourself, it’s better if you opt-in for a garage door installation professional to help you with the installation or repair process. Choosing a professional for installing or repairing your garage door can put you at ease. It’s because our professionals have plenty of experience in repairing and installing garage door openers in GTA. Our skilled technicians are specifically trained to install and repair garage doors. When it comes to offering them service, we make sure to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Let us make sure we choose the right products from some of the renowned brands in the market. It’s what we do for a living.

Got a garage door opener problem? Sit back, relax and let our expert handle your problem.

Time to call Canada Garage Door opener repair service to fix your garage door opener.

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My husband called this company to get our 2 car garage fixed. They came, saw the damage, gave us a quick quote, and within an hour our garage door was fixed. truly went above and beyond and was very professional. Definitely recommend! Garage door finally opens!

Patty V.

Satisfied Customer

I called Canada Garage door repair to come out and replace my springs on the garage door. They came out early the next day and within the hour the springs were replaced and another task was off my list. very professional and also gave me information on replacing the garage door on another house of mine.

Sue G.

Satisfied Customer

Garage door was loud and not working correctly. They came out, found the issue and installed new garage door opener and fixed parts on garage that were worn out. Very professional and great attitude! New garage door opener is quieter and door slides down smoothly.

Patty V.

Satisfied Customer

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